One of the administrative questions

an author may have is

 "How do I get my book published”?


Writing a book now a days is just not enough…

Your book needs to catch the eyes of the readers.



Dear Book Author,


Traditionally the way of having your books published is to find a publishing house. You will be gratefully thankful if the publishing house presents you with advancements and the assurance of monthly royalty checks.


Publishing houses certainly can offer you a dear beloved royalty deal with all the fringe benefits & most Authors would love to have such a sweet deal like that. You as the author can remain on-board with the publishing house & promote your book, by going on tours and build your platform.


However, if you are not a well-known author or a celebrity with a platform you should not wait for such a sweet deal.


OK so what is this “Author’s Platform” we talk-about?


In a nutshell it’s the perception of authority, given by the general public, to the Author as being recognized as the expert in his or her particular field.


It’s the new buzzword for authors promoting their new books, usually with website-blogs, public speaking, personal radio & TV appearances just to name a few.


Without a platform the odds of a manuscript even coming close to being read by a publishing house is extremely low. Even if the book has the “making of the next bestseller” it most likely will not make the loop.


With million of new books written each year it’s no wonder traditional publishers are getting more & more picky to whom they give book deals to.


Today’s old school ways can turn into “no-way” especially if you’re told “sorry no book deal for you”.


The alternative


FORTUNATELY Authors do have alternatives. Un-fortunately one of them is known as Vanity Publishing. They take your various book rights and money and give you very little in return.


New authors looking for traditional publishers can easy fall prey to a vanity publisher. This is where you pay high fees just to have your book printed and on top of all that “you pay even more out-of-pocket expanses for distribution and promotions”. “So authors beware of Vanity Publishing”.


One alternative to traditional publishing is self-publishing. With self-publishing you control the printing, distribution and promotion of your book. You can learn more with a free report at “Get Published”.


The greatest advantage is your book can be printed and distributed within a few short weeks, plus you keep all the royalties.


But still challenging enough, especially if you’re somewhat unfamiliar with “what you need in-order to promote your book”.


If you are new to self-publishing, the biggest challenge is the journey into the unknown. You’ll need time for the learning curb, and more time to do all the work. This could easily be a deal killer.


It takes time, talent and money to make a book deal successful.


Lets say you do have the talent, and maybe you do have some money (not much needed) but still your time can be a big concern, if you have little to spare.


One of the newest ways to succeed in the book-world today is by using the groundbreaking techniques of Joint Venture Book Publishing. 


This is where your manuscript could hit-payday with a joint venture publishing-partnership, to help you sell and market your books.


Although, I’m enjoying writing this introduction it is time for the main topic “Publishing Books With Joint Ventures”. Signup for free & discover a collection of TOOLS and LEARNING COURSES that you can used to write, publish & market your books.


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